Juice Squeeze FAQs

What is Juice Squeeze?

Juice Squeeze is a naturally sweetened sparkling juice beverage. It’s a blend of 35% fruit juice from concentrate, sparkling water, and natural flavors. With less than 100 calories per can, it’s a tasty refreshment you can feel good about drinking.

Why is it made up of mostly grape juice?

Grape juice is a mild, mostly clear juice that blends well with other fruit juices and natural flavors to deliver a consistent, clean juice base. Unlike some other juices, grape juice interacts well with sparkling water, to ensure a crisp, light taste, and fine bubbles.

What is monk fruit juice concentrate?

Monk fruit is a super fruit grown in Asia that is 15-20 times sweeter than other fruits (it is also available as an extract, which is 150-200 times sweeter than sugar). With no calories, a little monk fruit adds a splash of sweetness without adding to your waistline.   

Why did you discontinue Juice Squeeze?

Although Juice Squeeze® was supported by loyal customers, our sales simply could not keep up with our costs and we had to make the tough decision to exit the business. We've fixed that and now we are back and better than ever.   

Juice Squeeze used to be 70% juice. Why did Juice Squeeze change the formula?

New information about the effects of a diet heavy in sugar, and health trends that follow the science, led us to re-evaluate Juice Squeeze’s formulation. Although juice contains vital vitamins and minerals, too much sugar can counter the benefits. We want consumers to be able to enjoy Juice Squeeze and feel good about consuming it. 

What happened to Blueberry Pomegranate and to Key Lime?

We chose our top-selling flavors to produce first. When we develop new flavors, we will re-evaluate Blueberry Pomegranate and Key Lime to determine if they are the next best flavors to add.

Where can I find it?

Juice Squeeze will be available in June on Amazon. Check the site often as it gains distribution in retailers. Subscribe to our email list to receive news about distribution, special promotions and discounts. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 

Is Monk fruit safe for kids?

Monk fruit is a naturally occurring fruit that is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration.

Is Monk fruit safe for diabetics?

Monk fruit has a glycemic index of 0 and contains 0 calories. Therefore, it is safe for diabetics. However, as with all health concerns, we recommend consulting your doctor.

Will you produce Juice Squeeze in a glass bottle again?

There are no plans currently to produce Juice Squeeze in a glass bottle. We are able to reduce our carbon footprint by using aluminum cans instead of glass bottles.

Will you produce Juice Squeeze in plastic bottles?

There are no plans currently to produce Juice Squeeze in plastic bottles.

Is Juice Squeeze organic?

We strive to provide a tasty, all-natural refreshment at an affordable price.  Juice Squeeze is made with natural ingredients however, they are not certified organic.

What is the shelf life?

Juice Squeeze is tunnel pasteurized, meaning it is heated to a temperature that kills bacteria and can be preserved unopened for up to 12 months without refrigeration. Once opened, Juice Squeeze should be consumed right away or refrigerated and consumed within 2 days.

Are your ingredients Non-GMO?

Juice Squeeze is not currently Non-GMO Project Verified.
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