Coping with COVID-19 and Shelter-in-Place

These are stressful times. In the age of COVID-19, change is constant as we learn more about the disease. Coping with all of it is difficult. Here are a few ideas and resources to help relieve stress during this unprecedented time and a link where you can learn more about how we are addressing COVID-19 at Juice Squeeze.   

We will continue to produce Juice Squeeze as long as we can do it safely and with the guidance of state and federal regulators. We will continue to deliver products to our online partners, and for as long as possible. Read our complete Corporate Statement here.

Here are a few tips to help you cope with sheltering in place.

Keep a routine

Even though you may be able to stay in your pajamas all day that doesn’t mean you have to. Set some daily goals: exercise, work time, mealtimes, outdoor time, family time – and stick to it. Or start your day as you would normally – with some stretching or a jog, a shower, and breakfast. You can put those comfy jammies back on, but at least you’ll have maintained some semblance of normalcy.

Stay connected

Humans are social animals. In addition to food, drink, sun and exercise, we need other humans. Keeping social distance can take a toll on our state of mind. Luckily, technology and the human spirit help keep the social in distancing. Video conference parties, patio jam sessions, and online gaming allow us to stay connected while staying at least 6 feet apart.

Give yourself a break

These are hard times. Prior to COVID-19, Americans led very busy lives. Now, we’re being asked to not be so busy. Whether you’re working from home or home from work, allow yourself some time to relax, be alone, and recharge. Watch a new show, catch up with some reading, or savor a favorite beverage.

Find more ways to cope with sheltering-in-place at  Wikihow.
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